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E-Z UP 10'x10' Screen Cube 5 Angled Leg

E-Z UP 10'x10' Screen Cube 5 Angled Leg

Ref: 706

Screen Room ONLY, canopy not included.

In literally seconds, not minutes, you can transform your E-Z UP shelter into an entirely new space and complete bug-free zone. So whether you’re looking for just shade or protection from unwanted visitors, the E-Z UP Screen Cube has you covered. The Screen Cube provides 100% enclosed protection and uses mesh walls, enclosed ceiling and floors with mesh doors to protect you against those unwanted visitors. You can mix and match your E-Z UP shelter with a Screen Cube to match your personality.

Compatible with Dome and Vista 10'x10' shelters.

Price: $139.00 (Excluding CA Sales Tax at 8.5%)