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E-Z UP 10'x10' Sidewall for Pyramid or Vantage

E-Z UP 10'x10' Sidewall for Pyramid or Vantage

Ref: 354

Enhance your shelter with E-Z UP® Sidewalls. Attach one Sidewall for extra sun shade and wind block or create a fully enclosed shelter with four Sidewalls. Available with NEW colors and upgraded features that coordinate perfectly with our recreational E-Z UP® Instant Shelters®. And, the Quick Attachment Truss Clips make securing your Sidewall to your shelter fast. These walls will not have zippers, Choose professional walls if you require zippers
Quick Attachment Truss Clips for Fast and E-Z Attachment to Your E-Z UP® Instant Shelter®
Stylized Reinforcements in Bottom Corners
Clear UV Coating

Compatible with Pyramid or Vantage 10'x10' shelters.

Price: $39.00 (Excluding CA Sales Tax at 8.5%)