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EZ UP Sprint 10x10 Available in KIWI only

EZ UP Sprint 10x10  Available in  KIWI only

Bring speed and ease to your weekend outings, sporting events, and more with the new Sprint® recreational shelter. This shelter is lightweight and made from the newest in technology and materials with fun and E-Z portability in mind. Available in 10’ x 10’ and 12’ x 12’ sizes,
Provides Increased Headroom with Clear-Span Center
Quick Lock Release with Improved Auto Slider® Pull-Pin
Provides Increased Stability and E-Z Set Up
Heavy-Duty for Greater Durability with High-Strength End Caps
Greater Durability and Longer Lasting with Reinforced Fabric Top Corners
Adjustable legs with 3 height options
Includes Upgraded Trax Roller Bag and Spike Kit

Price: $104.00 (Excluding CA Sales Tax at 8.45%)