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EZ UP 13' x 13' Spectator Instant Shelter

EZ UP 13' x 13'  Spectator Instant Shelter

Ref: 3001

*On Backorder Until 9/13. Accepting Backorders

You’ll have plenty of room for friends and family under the large 169 sq. ft. of extended shade of the Spectator™ shelter while watching your favorite team! The extra shade from wide eaves is perfect for a large gathering, but collapses small enough to fit in the back of your trunk,. Making it the best shelter for the sideline, shoreline, or park. The shelter also features a vented roof for increased wind resistance and air flow. Roller bag and stake kit also included. Available in Royal Blue or Cool Gray canopy tops.

Price: $180.00 (Excluding CA Sales Tax at 8.45%)